jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

The Challenge of the Intolerant

In the majority of today’s democratic societies there are groups of individuals that question the legitimacy of the established system and, try to impose in many cases by force, a new system that they consider more convenient for their own private purposes. Unfortunately, in many cases the paths chosen to demand what these individuals considered “correct” go from threatening, terrorizing masses and attempting against the life of people. All of such is done with the convincement that, following their desires will bring a mayor well being to society or a least for themselves.

Since the communities of owners are  democratic systems, we also find ourselves, sadly and bridging the gap, individuals that instead of working to better their community, presenting themselves to the elections to be elected democratically and informing  themselves duly of the realities of the communities of which they are part of , they dedicate with extreme persistence to debate and question any decision adopted , threaten with legal actions, criticize furiously  and with no sense  the members that govern the community, send memos, write slanderous rumours in forums , create blogs to insult, etc.

I do sincerely understand that, the same reject that is generated towards intolerant people in a democratic society would be that generated by those owners that, in many occasions in a search for an unmentionable personal benefit, put all their effort to destabilise the legitimate members that govern the community with false argumentations, with the slightest idea of how it works or legality, trying to create a climate of continuous suspicion with regards to the community’s performance so that it can beneficiate their purposes, being these the search of a personal benefit, the struggle for a power that they think belongs to them by birth, or the need for self-esteem.

That is, of course different, to those owners who, with constructive criticism , really try to better day by day their communities contributing with positive ideas, collaborating in those areas where they have knowledge and discussing for a common goal.

Like in any other democratic society, the greatness or misery in the future of a community will depend in great measure, of the capability of its components to analyse critically and isolate those individuals that basically are only looking for a regime of terror questioning everything democratically established and trying to set up themselves as false saviours of community of owners against those that, with their best intentions, really dedicate their time and effort to improve it.

That is, the challenge faced frequently by the members of a community of owners, their governing members legitimately established and as always, their administrators.

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